Backing Tracks

Here are a few of the many jazz backing track practice videos available on the Mind For Music YouTube channel. Way more are available on the channel and new ones are being added all the time so make sure to subscribe and check back often!

Jazz Blues Progressions (Playlist)

Jazz blues practice videos in all keys with varying tempos and feels. This is the playlist of all 24 videos (some with piano and some just drums and bass). Individual keys can be found by clicking the playlist button in the video or by clicking here.

Jazz Practice Videos (Playlist)

Practice videos for various jazz standards in the style of famous jazz artists such as Charlie Parker and Wayne Shorter. This is the playlist to all videos on the channel so click the playlist button in the video to see more or click here to see the full playlist.

Drum Grooves (Playlist)

Drum groove loops in various styles and tempos. These videos are also available for download on the Drum Grooves or you can check out the full playlist on YouTube by clicking here.

Solo Transcriptions (Playlist)

Transcription of solos in various genres and styles. Not much up there right now but more is on the way soon! Check out the full playlist by clicking the link in the video or by clicking here.

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