Glen Rovinelli

Glen Rovinelli
Back Bay ShuffleBig Band08/09/2023 13:35:00
You Stepped Out of a DreamBig Band08/09/2023 12:39:20
Stranger on the ShoreBig Band08/09/2023 12:35:52
I Had the Craziest DreamBig Band08/09/2023 12:33:33
Alice Blue GownBig Band08/09/2023 12:29:06
Be Careful It's My HeartBig Band02/03/2023 17:50:08
You Make Me Feel So YoungBig Band12/03/2022 18:46:16
A Very Precious LoveBig Band11/30/2022 01:38:36
Smoke RingsBig Band11/30/2022 00:59:21
End of a Love AffairBig Band11/30/2022 00:37:55
Let's Face the MusicBig Band11/30/2022 00:34:34
For YouBig Band11/30/2022 00:29:20
Ace in the HoleBig Band09/14/2022 20:39:37
The Tender TrapBig Band09/14/2022 15:14:15
You Are the Sunshine of My LifeBig Band09/14/2022 15:13:36

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