1.) I am looking for a transcription of ________ by _________, do you have a copy/know where I can find one?

No, everything on Mind For Music gets posted automatically very soon after it is sent. M4M doesn't have any files that aren't already on the site so if you can't find it, it probably isn't here. Try using the search function to be sure and if that doesn't work try looking into the official publisher of the work (a quick google search can give you that info).

2.) Why aren't their a lot of tabs on your website?

Tablature is a great way to learn music for the guitar and bass but unfortunately it only applies to them and other plucked stringed instruments, which leaves plenty of other instruments out in the cold when it comes to finding transcriptions. Furthermore, tabs (usually) don't contain any rhythmic or time feel indicators, which is so crucial in most form of jazz and improvised music. The restrictions on tabs has been lifted slightly and a section for well done tabs may be included in the future.

3.) Dude! I found one of my transcriptions on your site that I want removed/given credit for!

Please use the contact page if you find anything of yours on this website and would like to have it removed, or have your name and a link to your website attached to it. It's not possible to go through every piece that is uploaded and verify all the information so occasionally the information entered on the upload form is incorrect/incomplete. Our official position is to remove anything by request with no questions asked IF you can provide proof that you are the individual who created the work/transcription (if your email address matches the one on the page, for example). Everything sent to mindformusic.com is strictly confidential and no personal information will ever be posted on this site or given away/sold to anyone unless you give us your express permission.

4.) I downloaded a work and there is a page missing/missing part/wrong note/unreadable etc...

As stated above (#1), M4M does not have any other files other than what is uploaded to the website. However, if the file you are trying to download is corrupted or unreadable send us a message and we will see if an error has occurred.

5.) Who makes "official transcriptions"? How much more accurate are they than the ones on this site?

Artists seldomly have the time (or the means) to publish their own transcriptions of their own works. Most of the so called "official" transcriptions you will see are done by musicians who are sanctioned by the artist (or publisher) to transcribe their work, for the purpose of distributing it for profit. The quality and accuracy of the vast majority of transcriptions on this site can easily be compared to any official transcription. If a transcription makes it to this website that is not considered by the community to be accurate, it will receive negative comments and will be either removed or updated. This insures the quality of most of the music on this site. Still, I do highly support the buying of official sheet music as most of the time the artist will see some money from the sale, even though publishers receive most of the profit.

6.) I am having trouble uploading/downloading/any other possible thing.

If you are having any recurring troubles with the site, please contact us!

7.) I get taken to an error page whenever I try to download a Finale or Sibelius file.

This is a recurring problem with these types of files in certain browsers. If this is happening to you, simply right click on the link you wish to download and select "save file as".

8.) What do the abbreviations next to some of the files stand for?

Arr. -> As Arranged By

Per. -> As Performed By

w/ -> With

V. -> Version (for songs with a few different transcriptions)

9.) Can I upload a video of me playing a tune/transcription and have it put on the Mind For Music video/YouTube page?

Absolutely! There will be a lot more of this kind of thing in the near future. Please use the contact form for more info on this if you are interested!

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